The Italian Space Agency for the Italian Research Day in the World

00:02:33 11.04.2022
April 15 date of birth of Leonardo da Vinci is the Day of Italian Research in the World
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The Italian Space Agency promotes and enances research - as an engine for the developmènt of new scientific and technological skills. The ASI has always distinguished itself in the field of bilateral and multilateral cooperation and, ever since its foundation, has participated in several and important international projects, to the benefit of the entire national space industry.  The technological innovations in the space industry have allowed to dvèlopd satellites, capable of exploring the solar system and discover the most fascinating phenomena in the universe. Today Italy, through the ASI, is at the forefront in several of the most exciting space enterprises. The scientific instruments dvèlopd and manufactured in our country can be found on American and European probes and have come up with important discoveries.
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